Kibale Forest is one of the beautiful rainforests in Uganda located in the western part of Uganda and it cannot be compared with another forest. The park is 795km and the forest has 13 primates of which the chimpanzees are the main attraction. Most people come for Chimpanzee trekking and Chimpanzee habituation, Kibale’s most popular activity is the Kanyanchu Primate Walk. Thirteen species can be sought, and a good variety of diurnal monkeys invariably encountered, but the stars of this trail are the chimpanzees. Kanyanchu’s chimps have been tracked since 1993 and the chances of locating them are excellent. Guided walks start at 8am and 2pm and last an average of three hours, depending on various factors.

The full-day Chimpanzee Habituation Experience works with a chimp community which is undergoing habituation. Early visitors can watch chimps leaving their overnight nests between 6:00 - 6:30am before feeding, copulating, hunting, breastfeeding, resting, patrolling and displaying until it is time to build new nests around 7pm.
There are other activities like Hiking /Nature walks, cultural encounters with the local people and bird watching.The park has over 335 bird species which include Orange-tufted Sunbirds, Joyful Greenbul,Woodland Warbler,Turacos,Green-Breasted Pitta,White –bellied Crested Flycatcher, Red-Winged Francolin, Prirogrine’s thrush among others.

Other primates found in the park include the Red Colobus monkey, Olive Baboon, Bush baby, Grey checked Mangabey Monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, Lhotse’s Monkeys ,Black and white Colobus ,Potto which is a nocturnal a primate and many others. The other animals include Forest elephant, buffalo, bush pig, and many more

Activities you must see while in kibale

Chimpanze trackingin kibale forest

birding in kibale

Cycling around kibale

Community walks

Coffee and tea plantations visit

Tooro kingdom palace

Amabere caves and waterfalls

Bigodi swamp walks

Forest walk of kibale

Volunteering activities

Research activities

Canoing and hippo viewing

Batwa(pygimies)site visit

Local beer testing made out of bananas