Day 1: Arrival in Kinshasa, assistance and reception at the airport by the team of staff from accessbudgetsafaris then Briefing transfer to your hotel here then your free night, stay at the hotel 3 stars.


Day 2: City Tour: Walk and visit of course to meet the researchers today at the Sanctuary (Lola) Bonobos before your trip, and Lake Mac Valley, the Symphony hall, Gallery of Arts, River and Embassy Walk, monuments and historical-cultural introduction etc.

Day 3: Boarding and embarkation! - Onwards bound to Tshumbiri Ngafura Maluku (Maluku is a town in Kinshasa located 80 km from downtown) night at the village far up the river tonight. We allow you to discover the CONGO river, its traffic and its inhabitants in a totally and truly immersive experience  that is likely more uncontrived and intense than you've ever had in Africa. During this two days on the river you can participate in several types of traditional fishing too. (Think about your fishing rods and swimwear if you need.) 

Day 4: After breakfast then inbound finally for Tshumbiri. We arrive around 3:00 p.m. relaying you from the boat and transferring by jeep to Nkala, arriving prior to sundown around 18h00. Overnight in tents.

Day 5: Up for the trek ahead at 5:00, breakfast provided. Tracking of Bonobos and return to town around 12h00. After lunch, afternoon courtesy visit to the chiefdom around the village of Nkala (this is remote.) Return to camp loop back at about 18:30. Meeting with a research outpost staff. Nights in tents or at the Mbomou Tower Inn. 

Day 6: Bonobos tracking again from 5:00, and back around 11:00. On the way back say a brief goodbye to the leadership and transfer to Tshumbiri, Tshumbiri overnight. 

Day 7: Around 6:00 Boarding and return to Kinshasa and breakfast on board. Long day of speeding downstream on the opposite bank and opposite scenery. At around 16:30 finally arrive Maluku ; separate with the crew of the boat and transfer to the center Free evening. Overnight at hotel 

Day 8: Check in to your hotel for a freshen-up and the finish the other part of your tour of the city of Kinshasa. Visit the museum, the Mausoleum of late President Kabila, the market of thieves, and more. Afternoon transfer to the airport and farewell.