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Ever wonder how hummus is made?  Or how the famous pita bread dough is baked?  Or how that tasty eggplant (aubergene) salad is prepared? Find out during your visit to Jordan. Our special programs are tailored to suit families with young children or the culinary enthusiast.


Start in the morning by going to the market to buy your fresh ingredients based on a list we provide you.  Then with the assistance of the local chef (most times it is the owner of a local restaurant or a boutique B&B) using their kitchen, learn how to make various dishes & breads from a pre-selected menu.  When all the dishes are prepared enjoy your own cooked meal with the local wine and specially made tea.

We also combine our culinary programs with an art program and/or with other packages.

During your stay in Amman, visit a an art exhibition by the young local talent.  Culinary and art programs are usually for about one day but other short programs may be arranged in the morning and evenings in Amman, Madaba, and Petra....